India Through Virgin Eyes

centres around three Australian men; Ajay, Darius and Keith, not your typical Australian men, theirs is a bromance type relationship, affectional, homosocial male bonding exceeding that of usual friendships distinguished by a particularly high level of healthy emotional intimacy.

The story is nonfiction,objectively and subjectively told through a stream of consciousness.It is story telling at its best, originality, versatility and the audacity of Indians opening up their dreams and imagination to westerners.

In India these three Australian men carried an aura of charming curiosity, enticing ordinary Indian people to interact, fostering a mutual sense of meaning and purpose in life, in turn the thirty Indian characters shared their Indian vistas of the perpetuating secrets of wisdom and wonder of their ancient culture from Alexander the Great’s invasion to priest in stunning temples and scientist opening up the Rigvida to discussions of Indian identity and 4000 years of healthy vegetarianism ,experiencing Body Mind and Spirit, connecting with the Hirija community the third sex, and the discovery of the oldest University in the world ...

One reader made an interesting observation,

“Keith Paulusse is a very unique name there is no one else amongst the 7.8 billion people living on earth that have his name. Let’s put this in perspective , one million seconds is about 11 days and 1 billion seconds is about 31.5 years.

Others have said that Keith has this same uniqueness as a writer, no one writes like he does, daring to write what most people secretly think. Opening hearts and minds creating intrigue and wonder, taking his readers to tread where they have never trod, on a journey to discover their other self.

Book Publisher: White Falcon Publishing

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